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Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre

We offer adventurous outdoor activity experiences designed to stimulate, educate and motivate young people and others at affordable prices in a challenging and safe environment.


At Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre we are passionate about providing quality Childcare based here at the Centre and at specific off-site locations. 

Individuals families and club

At LOPC there are the various ways you can participate in our activities either as an individual, a couple or a family

Training Courses

Why not join one of our multiple courses here at LOPC – increase or improve your basic skills in a variety of activities and have fun at the same time.

Youth Groups

Create a package to suit the needs of your group from our extensive range of outdoor and adventurous activities. Options range from multi activity experiences to immersive experiences and proficiency based courses.


Our programmes integrate engaging themes and challenges, providing fast-paced, creative, alternative and inherently safe outdoor activities. We will give you something different that the whole team can enjoy and remember for a long time.


No matter your age or the occasion, an LOPC Party could be just right for you and your guests!


On 2nd January 2024 flood water rose to the highest levels in living memory at LOPC. Although the river floods over a few times each year, this time the impact was huge. At 6.30pm, water came into the building and over the level of plug sockets!

We appreciate all support, no matter how small. All funds are going towards repairing flood damage to help make our centre accessible to the community again.

Registered Charity Number: 1074671 | Ofsted Registration Number: 226869

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